Art has always been a part of my life but the landscapes of my two homes (Prince Edward Island and California) inspire me to pick up my paint brushes and the natural beauty of their beaches has motivated my inventive side to design coastal based creations.

Art has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was a watercolour artist and I recall hours spent painting along side her. Besides being a talents artist, she was always using her creative skills daily and encouraged me to do so as well. That creative side nurtured by my Mom never ceased. As the years pasted, the joy I have in creating something new has been a very special thing, as it was to my Mother. 

Over the years I have had my hands in all sorts of art based crafts from drawing, photography, woodworking, jewelry making, crochet, sculpting, 

paper-mache and of course painting (anything I could do artistically). 

My love for painting came back in full force when my family and I moved from California to the picturesque Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. I found the vibrant colors and scenic charm of the Island and pictures of California taken over the years inspiring. I have so many images that I wanted to capture. Painting is allowing me to do just that. 


The incredible beaches and the natural beauty of the sandy shorelines of Prince Edward Island has lead me to another creative outlet. Days spent playing with my boys at the beach, collecting shells and pieces of driftwood resulted in an abundance of intricate shells and ocean treasures.  I had to create ways to showcase all the unique pieces of nature we collected.


My love for art has expanded into applying permanent creations on people through the form of tattooing.  Please check out my tattoo salon and send me an email to book an appointment.